Articles by June Hall McCash

The featured article, “Women of the Jekyll Island Club,” was written by June Hall McCash. The volume (winter, 2014) is still available from Georgia Backroads.


2014 Winter Cover


The journal above is pictured  because it featured as its cover image an illustration of an article by June Hall McCash, “Women in the Jekyll Island Club,” an elite club which existed from 1886 until 1942, and which an earlier author, Cleveland Amory, once mistakenly proclaimed never had any female members. This article not only disproves that point, but reveals some of the significant contributions they made by some to the famous historic club and its distinguished membership.

June Hall McCash has published many other articles in scholarly journals and books; however readers of her publications for a more general audience include primarily articles in Georgia Backroads, a quarterly journal about the history, culture, and amazing sites of Georgia, many off the beaten track. Her articles in this publication also include:

“Journey of a Georgia Boy,” Georgia Backroads (spring 2020), 18-22. (an article about the poignant and adventurous life of her father)

“The Last Rebel,” Georgia Backroads (spring 2010), pp. 16-21. (an article about Charles Augustus Lafayette Lamar)

“The Odyssey of Andre Steiner: Unsung Hero of Jekyll Island,” co-authored with her son, Brenden Martin, Georgia Backroads (summer 2009), 56-60.

“The Flowering of Romance: Women and the Development of Medieval Arthurian Literature,” Avalon to Camelot (summer 1984), 4-8. (This is included because, unlike many of the medieval journals she published articles in, Avalon to Camelot was aimed at a more general audience.

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