Our changing technology

I definitely need lessons on the ever-changing nature of technology.  It seems that, as soon as I learn to do something, it is “improved,” and I discover that I no longer know how to do it.  That’s when I have to call a grandson or a passing teen, all of whom know better than I how to handle this bewildering screen before me.  I am amazed when I recall that I had to write my dissertation on an unforgiving typewriter. No mistakes, erasures, or liquid paper corrections allowed. That page had to be retyped. Despite my inadequacies, I am grateful for the advent of the computer, which allows me to make changes at will.  My love-hate relationship with technology will no doubt never end, but I do admire those techies who make it look so easy. My new computer and I are still battling wits.  Anyone know where I can get lessons?

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